Swimming the World

So, it has been about 6 years that I go to a shrink. Until now, I had always had something to tell him. He didn’t know me well, so it was easy. Now it is much harder, I don't know what else to say. I’m afraid of ending with small talk, talking about things that don’t belong in this type of office. I don’t have a major problem, I have all that is needed to be happy but sometimes I don’t know what to tell him, I don’t know where to start and that stresses me. It is also this long silence during the whole session that bothers me. One day he told me that this was a normal phase, that I had told him everything about my daily and practical concerns, that I was blocked because somewhere inside of myself I was afraid to touch on the more hidden and painful issues. So I let go completely. I talked about my 2017 and 2018 objectives. It has been therefore 6 months that he has become a customer of his own practice and I, now, I talk to my cat as the craziest thing is to be normal in this crazy world...

Swimming the World is my next goal. I foresee some adventurous, epic and scary swims, some of them were already attempted, many were already achieved and some were not. Some will be local swims, other will be exotic ones. Again, this will be a pathway along which I will have to develop and improve different physical and mental abilities, a pathway along which I will have to adapt and confront myself to a different environment, a pathway along which I will have to combat new fears.

When you think of Loch Ness in Scotland, what comes to mind? I am guessing your answer would be something like "That mythical, frightening monster" and not, say something like "Swimming across it"... I am heading to it. The Loch Ness swim, is a 221?2 miles (36.2km) along the length of the Loch in a water temperature not hotter that the one from the rainwater temperature. The Loch Ness is one master piece foreseen in June 2017. It will pave the way for a 2-way English Channel swim in June 2018.

Gonna talk to my cat (fish) again.